Our Treatment Approach


Yes! PT offers a unique evidence-based approach to evaluation and treatment that has proven to be safe and effective. Evidence-Based, Patient-Centered Care means that we incorporate the latest valid evidence in our evaluation and treatment.

We see you as a whole person, not just a knee, neck, back or shoulder.

We will take the time to listen to you and understand your problem.

We will design a wellness program tailored to your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Our Ideas 

1. The body’s structure, posture and movements depend on the coordinated activity of muscles, including global, local, striated, smooth and cardiac muscles.

2. Muscle activity is regulated by the central nervous system (CNS), relying on input from the motor cortex, and sensory input from the spinal cord and peripheral receptors.

3. If muscles are over or under-active, changes will be observed in posture and movement, possibly resulting in pain or impaired function.

4. We can improve posture and movement, and therefore pain and function, by altering the CNS’ regulation of muscle activity.

How We Do It

Evidence-Based Care

Dr. B has a PhD in Biomechanics.  At Yes!, our approach to evaluation and treatment has a biomechanical basis, but we we accept the evidence, which suggests that making changes in one body system impacts all the other systems. Optimizing the interaction of multiple body systems leads to lasting enhancement of function, decrease in pain and improved performance.

There are many ways to make these sorts of changes (see Glossary for a sampling), ranging from comfortable positioning to therapeutic exercise, to high velocity thrust techniques. Some of these techniques are known as alternative or complementary medicine techniques, because they can replace or enhance the function of certain medical treatments.

By arriving at an accurate musculoskeletal diagnosis quickly, we can develop an effective treatment plan that achieves goals in less time.

With your consent, we always select the best, least-invasive tool to do the job. And we will modify your program as needed,  to keep you continuously moving forward toward  achieving your own goals.

Your entire experience at Yes! should be pleasant and pain-free.

  Our Treatment Philosophy          Watch Dr. B Work

⇐ Watch a video of the human wrist, modeled from MRI.

Notice the independent movements of the carpal bones, controlled by ligaments and capsules, and in life, by muscle activity.

(radius [red] and ulna [green] underneath, carpals on top, minus pisiform and fingers).

What is Biomechanics ?

Technically speaking, biomechanics is the mechanical analysis of biologic systems.

Using different tools, like MRI, CT, EMG, and motion analysis (see below), we can study the effects of forces applied to the wrist, spine, or other body parts, during activities like steering a car, throwing a ball, etc.

As physical therapists, we apply biomechanical knowledge to protect, correct and optimize the function of ligaments, fascia, muscles and joints. By analyzing the function of body structures, we can devise a strategy to minimize injury, and speed healing when injury occurs.

Watch a video that explains how biomechanical analysis can be used to reduce injuries and improve performance ⇒

The Bottom Line:

Getting to Yes! sooner means fewer visits,
less cost, and a healthier you.
Make a healthy decision today. Get to Yes!