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Yes! Physical Therapy offers several different consultation options:

For Business

Are some of your employees losing more time at work due to injury ?  Yes! will conduct a review of job tasks to determine risk areas, and suggest a modifications to minimize injury potential, as well as potentially suggesting modifications to the job description(s) to select less injury-prone employees.  Yes! can also review employee wellness activities and suggest improvements to raise the overall level of job fitness. A comprehensive review of workplace risks has been shown to benefit workers in diverse jobs, from computer users to construction workers.♦

♦Cooklin, A., et al., 2017. Integrated Approaches to Occupational Health and Safety: A Systematic Review. Am J Health Promot,  31(5): p. 401-412.

For Sports

Are some of your players experiencing higher rates of injury ?  Yes! will conduct a review of training and practice tasks to determine risk areas, and suggest modifications to minimize injury potential.  Yes! will work with your existing training team to identify improvements to safely raise the overall level of team fitness, with resulting reduction in injury rates.  Reducing injuries will cut time lost to surgery and rehab, and produce happier athletes in the long run, especially since ligament repair has recently been shown to be associated with increased risk for arthritis pain and disability down the road.*

*Barenius, B., et al., 2014. Increased risk of osteoarthritis after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a 14-year follow-up study of a randomized controlled trial. Am J Sports Med. 42(5): p. 1049-57.

For Health Professionals

Are you frustrated by lack of progress with a difficult patient ?  Yes! will review the case and provide useful suggestions to improve outcomes.  We can work entirely behind the scenes, if you prefer.  We also offer a telehealth consultation option, or an on-site consultation, whichever would be most useful to you.