Will I Be Paying Too Much For My Yes! PT Care ?

1. You’ll pay less at Yes!
We charge the same as or less than most other providers.

Our fees are related to the time we spend with our clients, not how many different things we do in that time.  At Yes!, with out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance company, you should end up paying less than most insurance “co-pays” for each visit, after the first one.

If you would like to use your  health insurance to be reimbursed for your Yes! PT care, Yes! will provide all necessary documentation for you to submit a claim.

2. Yes! likes to make progress.

Because we have experience treating a wide range of patient problems in a wide range of settings, Yes! can usually get to the heart of your problem quickly.
We take pride in helping you feel better in as few visits as possible.
Sometimes this means just one visit, sometimes a few more.

If we charge the same or less for each visit, and we require fewer visits to get you better, you will likely pay less at Yes!

Our Fees