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Why is Yes! PT Different From Other Care Providers ?

Roy Bechtel, PT, PhD is the owner and chief therapist at Yes! PT

Dr. B has a PhD in Biomechanics, and his treatment approach focuses on improving joint biomechanics as fundamental to good posture and healthy movement. Over the years, Dr. B has followed the evidence and refined his approach to include an ever more holistic view of patients and their problems.

In 2015, after Dr. B had retired as an Assistant Professor from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and as a Specialist in Orthopedics from the  University of Maryland Medical Center, he opened Yes! as a unique, wellness-oriented orthopedic practice.

We believe the evidence, which suggests that keeping you healthy and active is better  and less expensive for you and for society.

Other PT practices may routinely see patients 3 times a week for 2 or 3 weeks.  This pattern of practice is mostly enforced by insurance companies who want to see you on your way after a limited time.  Some unusual cases may require this intensity of physical therapy, but the vast majority do not.

Here at Yes! we will design a plan tailored specifically to your individual needs, not to our bottom line.  We are health fiduciaries, with your best interests at heart – a concept sometimes lost in today’s busy healthcare marketplace. 

Watch a Brief Video – Manual Therapy at Yes!

Yes! PT care is evidence-based, which means our methods have been shown to be not only effective, but safe.  Being evidence-based also means that we will treat you as a whole person, not just a knee, ankle, shoulder, neck, elbow, wrist or back.

We have over a  40 year track record of helping people feel better.  Our practice model is centered on you. 

We’re curious, interested and persistent.

Our goal is to investigate what is keeping you from being maximally healthy, and to provide an individualized pathway to your best health.  We enjoy what we do.

Take advantage of our Physical Therapy Checkup once or twice a year to stay at your best.

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