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Our Fees
To keep things simple, Yes! Physical Therapy has one set fee:
Our current fee is $150 per hour. 
Time is billed in 15 minute increments ($37.50).
Your First Visit
An initial eval usually takes about an hour, and costs $150.
Subsequent treatment sessions, which typically last 30 minutes, cost $75.

Standard treatment aids, if required, including tape, and elastic exercise bands, are included in the stated rate.
Additional equipment, such as TENS, biofeedback, etc. or treatment aids for home use, can be provided at additional cost.
Physical Therapy Checkup

A physical therapy checkup entails a bit more work for us than a typical evaluation.
We take more measurements, evaluate more self-assessments, and we write more.
So, even though you may only spend an hour with us, our work continues.
To cover our costs, we charge $225 for a PT Checkup.
Try a PT Checkup at Yes!