Lifesaving Information on Gun Control

The U.S. has the most guns, the most guns per capita, and the most gun-related violence of any “developed” country in the world. Check out these comparisons from the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations.

We can take back our country from the paranoid minority. Gun ownership is not the problem.

  CONTROLLING gun ownership is.

Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, has called for repeal of the 2nd amendment.  If we cannot reach an accord on effective gun controls to protect our citizens, it may come to that.  Gun control is in everyone’s best interest, including gun owners.

Since our elected representatives don’t seem to grasp the idea that for most of us, the pursuit of happiness does not involve the slaughter of our children, friends or relatives by gun-wielding wackos, we need to make some changes.  Ted Cruz can cook his bacon on the barrel of his AR 15, but he should be doing it as a private citizen, not a senator.

If we value human life, supporting sane organizations like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, or Moms Demand Action, with our money, is not enough.  We have to show up at the polls and register our displeasure with the status quo.

Step 1 – Vote OUT every legislator who takes money from the NRA.

Step 2 – Vote IN people who will act like adults, and protect our kids.

Here’s a list of NRA bribe takers, courtesy of Open Secrets.

Support the March for Our Lives Movement.

Once we’ve accomplished that, let’s work on minimizing the ability of lobbyists to throw money at our legislators to influence their vote.

Let’s really drain the swamp !

We Can do it, Together.


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