The Texas Taliban

Freedom of religion in this country, means that you get to practice your religion without fear.  By definition, freedom of religion does NOT mean that you get to make everyone else practice YOUR religion.  Only the jihadists want everyone to toe the tyrannical line.  The Republican legislature in Texas, doing their best imitation of the Taliban and ISIS, issued an unconstitutional Sharia-Law-style Fatwa against abortion.

The Supreme Dolts did Nothing.

Another gift from Ex-Prez T. and his minions, who got Coney Barrett, Kavanaugh and Gorsuch appointed to the Court.

There are so many issues entangled here that it is difficult to know where to start.

However, I find the most annoying thing is the hypocrisy of the “right-to-life” movement.

If these people were seriously concerned with protecting life, they would all need to be vegetarian, pro-gun control, and anti-war.

It seems that their idea of “protection” only applies to unborn human beings.  Once you’re born you become fair game for shooters, stabbers and abusers of all kinds, and you can get sent off to kill and die in a foreign country, no problem.

Right to life ? There’s a logical flaw there somewhere…

From a political standpoint, what happened to the idea of separation of church and state that the country was founded on ?

If the right-to-lifers want to enforce their religious views, they are welcome to do so within their congregations, assuming they don’t violate any laws, but  no religious group can enforce its views on the general populace.

Will the Supreme Court stand up and defend the Constitution or will they bow to Sharia Law ?

Let’s hope that they realize their responsibility to keep the country in one piece.