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Clinic Hours: Tuesday 8-1, Thursday 1-6


Yes! PT is a unique, wellness-oriented physical therapy practice. We help solve problems and empower you to achieve your goals.

We offer preventive care, health promotion and wellness activities, along with gentle manual physical therapy (see GLOSSARY, #8), as well as consultation and continuing education.

We believe the evidence, which suggests that keeping you healthy is best for you and everybody concerned.

 We’ve got over 40 years of experience helping people feel better.

Do you want to go from “No I can’t” to “Yes, I can” ?

Feel Better, Be Better, Get to Yes!

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One size does NOT fit all.
If you’ve tried other approaches and been disappointed, Yes! may be able to help.

Please Note:

Yes! Physical Therapy, LLC is not affiliated with any insurance company.

Payment is expected at time of service.

We do not accept any private or government-sponsored health insurance, including plans sponsored under the Affordable Care Act, Worker’s Compensation or Medicare.

If Medicare is your primary insurance, we will not be able to see you, even if you want to pay out-of-pocket.  This is due to Medicare’s current rules, which negatively impact the private practice of health care.

We do not accept clients who are involved in an active injury-related lawsuit.

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