You Can Get to Yes!

The Bottom Line:

Getting to Yes! sooner means fewer visits,
less cost, and a healthier you.

A Brief Video Overview of Manual Therapy at Yes!

Patient-Centered Expert Care

Yes! PT offers preventive care, health promotion and wellness activities, along with gentle manual physical therapy on an as-needed basis.

We will take the time to listen to you and understand your problems.

We will design a program tailored to your specific needs.
You will be involved at every step of treatment planning and delivery.

Because we do not have to deal with insurance companies, we are free to act as healthcare fiduciaries, putting your good health ahead of our (and their) bottom line.

Evidence-Based Care

We believe the evidence, which suggests that keeping you healthy is much better for you and less costly for everyone than treating the complicated symptoms of neglect.

A Physical Therapy Checkup once or twice a year is important to keeping an active, healthy lifestyle, and will save you money and frustration in the future. Yes! PT will provide you with an action plan, to address any problems we find, and keep you moving forward.

If we discover a problem we can’t fix, we’ll recommend that you visit your friendly neighborhood physician, nurse practitioner, or other appropriate healthcare provider. Yes! will give you some pertinent information to help you get the best care, no matter who provides it.

Our main concern is your good health.

Yes! Care Appointments

Please Note:

Yes! Physical Therapy, LLC is not affiliated with any insurance company.

Payment is expected at time of service.

We do not accept any private or government-sponsored health insurance, including plans sponsored under the Affordable Care Act, Worker’s Compensation or Medicare.

If Medicare is your primary insurance, we will not be able to see you, even if you want to pay out-of-pocket.  This is due to Medicare’s current rules, which negatively impact the private practice of health care.

We do not accept clients who are involved in an active injury-related lawsuit.