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Clinic Hours: Tuesday 8-1, Thursday 1-6

Yes! PT Is currently closed for R&R…

We will reopen Thursday April 13.

If you need care during the interim, please visit one of our friends.

You will still be able to contact Yes! via email ( and we will respond as promptly as possible.


We are All in This Together.

 We are doing our part to keep you safe by wearing masks, washing hands, and disinfecting mats and equipment before every visit.

We request that all patients/clients observe the following hygiene rules:

 1. Wash hands before and after your appointment.

 2. Wear a mask while indoors.

 3. Observe social distancing in the waiting room.

First-time visitors can minimize wait times by filling out intake forms at home.

In order to facilitate social distancing, all appointments will be scheduled for a 1 hour slot, regardless of type.

As usual, you will only be charged for time actually spent on your care.

If you have traveled to a Covid hot-spot in the last week, been exposed to someone who is Covid-positive, have a fever, or any other symptoms, we ask that you postpone your visit, and follow CDC Guidelines.

As always, we wish you good health.

JHU Coronavirus Info

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