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Yes! Care Appointments
Yes! PT has limited patient-care hours.
Appointments are usually available on Wednesday from 1-5.
Available times may vary from week to week.
Available times are always shown as blank on the appointment calendar.
- You can request your own appointment online, using a service provided by Square, Inc.
- Square will allow you to request any available appointment, with at least 24 hours advance notice.
- Currently, all appointments will be scheduled for a 1 hour slot to avoid crowding.
- As always, you will only be charged for the time actually spent on your care.
- For your first visit, please select the 'New Client Evaluation'.
- Yes! will verify acceptance of your scheduled appointment, or alert you to potential conflicts.

Within 48 hrs. of your appointment please return here or go to Yes! Intake Forms to provide us with feedback about your appointment
(see helpful links below).
Your comments will help us to improve Yes! services.

Thank You.
To See What's Available, Click on the Calendar
(Opens a New Page)
To Book Your Appointment Scan the QR Code or Click "Built With Square"
Please note that you cannot book a telehealth appointment through Square.
Click for our secure Contact Form.
Cancelling an Appointment

You may cancel your scheduled appointment at any time, up to 24 hours prior, with no penalty. Cancellations occurring less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled time will be charged a half fee. That is, $75 for an hour appointment, and $40 for a half hour appointment. These fees also apply to missed appointments without prior notice.
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